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Vickers Hydraulics

Vickers hydraulics was already an experienced and respected name when it became part of the Eaton Corporation in 1999. The complete Eaton hydraulics product range comprises: accumulators, connectors, electronics and sotfware, fittings, motors, pumps, transmissions, industrial clutches and brakes, cylinders, filters, hose and hose fittings, power units and systems, steering and valves.

Within this, the Vickers hydraulics product range includes: cylinders, industrial valves, mobile valves, piston motors, pumps (industrial and mobile), Vickers screw-in cartridge valves and servo valves, vane motors, vane pumps and filters… meaning that Vickers hydraulics are found extensively in industrial, mobile, aerospace, marine and defence applications worldwide. 

Vickers S26 gear motorsVickers Hydraulic Motors

Vickers PVB pumpVickers Hydraulic Pumps

Vickers Hydraulic Valves

Vickers Hydraulic Filters

Vickers Hydraulic Filters: breathers, filter accessories, in-tank filters, off-line filters, pressure filters, return-line filters, spin-on filters and suction strainers.

Vickers R series cylinderVickers Hydraulic Cylinders

Vickers hydraulic cylinders: X series, EH series, W series, R series, G series, M series, T series, N series, I series, L series  


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