Bucher Hydraulic Pumps

We offer a range of Bucher hydraulic pumps including the AP series, QX series, QXV series, QXP series and QXM series…


PumpsThe design and manufacture of Bucher AP series pumps allow a long service life whilst maintaining an ideal quality/price ratio. Thanks to optimised hydraulic compensation, Bucher pumps are highly efficient making them suitable for applications such as; agricultural machines, earth moving machines, lift trucks, construction machinery, etc.

The AP series hydraulic pumps: AP05 200_P_991218_E, AP100 200_E_991218_E, AP300 200_P_991218_E, APAPM212 200_P_991628_E, AP212 200_P_991230_E, AP212 200_P_991233_E, AP212HP 200_P_991236_E, AP250 200_P_991629_E and AP250 200_P_991234_E.

Pumps2Without the requirement of extensive maintenance due to a long shelf-life, the QX series pumps offer high pressures, low noise level and negligible flow and pressure whilst remaining insensitive to contamination, allowing them to be used in applications such as; plastics machinery, waste compactors, machine tools, hydraulic presses, lift/elevator drives, etc.

The QX series hydraulic pumps: QX 100_P_000021_E.

Pumps3The QVX series pumps sustain pressures of up to 300 bar, viscosities of around 1mm²/s and maintain low noise levels, making them favourable for use on test rigs for diesel injection nozzles, test rigs for testing Jet A1/ fuel controllers for aircraft turbines, rolling mills, fuel pumps for gas turbines, etc.

The QVX series hydraulic pumps: QXV 100_P_000064_E.

Pumps4An internal gear pump for metering isocyanates, polyols, additives and other hydraulic fluids. With a variable speed drive, the QXP is used as a metering pump in the production of polyurethane. The QXP is capable of precision metering whilst maintaining very low pulsations, even at high pressures. The Bucher hydraulic pump can also be used with both high and low viscosities, and with variable-speed drives.

The QXP series hydraulic pumps: QXP 100_P_000093_E.

Bucher Hydraulic Pumps

The QXM Bucher hydraulic pump is able to function as both a pump and a motor, and may be used in open- and closed loop hydrostatic drives. This pump works to lift weight and it generates energy as the weight is lowered. Advantages of the QXP include; low noise levels, negligible pressure pulsations and a long service life for optimal performance.

The QXM series Bucher hydraulic pumps: QXM 100_P_000063_E and QXM 100_P_000063_US.

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