Testimonial: Polyurethane Processing Technology Specialists

“I must say, you are a good company to work with and I will be using you in future.”

Feedback from one of our new customers (global specialists in polyurethane processing technology and technical support), looking for a number of counterbalance valves!

Hydraulics CatalogueFor more case studies and testimonials click here. Visit our catalogue to see some of the hydraulic components we have within our range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then call us or complete our Stock Enquiry Form.

Parker Valves

If you’re searching for Parker valves, look no further – Parker have a wide range of hydraulic valves for a variety of mobile and industrial applications… And we distribute worldwide.

Parker HydraulicsParker Hannifin are one of the world’s most prominent hydraulic manufacturers of motion and control technologies; Parker valves are used in hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation, refrigeration and aerospace applications, and they come in a range of types and configurations. They can be manual, motor actuated or solenoid air operated and electrically actuated and mounting configurations can be sub-based, in-line or manifold.

The range of Parker valves comprises:

Parker valves - hydraulic cartridge valvesParker Hydraulic Cartridge valves: Hydraulic load and motor control valves, hydraulic logic element valves, hydraulic solenoid coils and valve drivers, hydraulic line bodies, manifolds and cavities, hydraulic manual valves, hydraulic solenoid valves and hydraulic slip-in cartridge valves.

Parker valves - hydraulic check valvesParker Hydraulic Check Valves: These Parker valves are unidirectional flow devices used primarily in hydraulic systems to eliminate potential damage caused by fluid back pressure. There are one- and two-stage poppets available, with pilot ratios of 1 : 5 and 1 : 40 to suit different operating conditions.

Parker Hydraulic Directional Control Valves: Parker offers the industry’s largest selection of hydraulic directional control valves for markets including: machine tools,
Parker valves - directional control valvespower generation, metal forming, compacting and baling, materials testing, ground support and primary metals processing. Parker provides solenoid controlled as well as manually operated valves controlled by levers, cams, air or oil pilot. These Parker valves are some of industry’s most adaptable, with a large number of coil termination options available. The range includes: hydraulic pilot operated directional control valves, hydraulic solenoid operated directional control valves, hydraulic CAM operated directional control valves, hydraulic Exectrol directional control valves and hydraulic Lo-Torque directional control valves.

Parker valves - flow control valvesParker Hydraulic Flow Control Valves: Parker’s hydraulic flow control valves are known throughout the industry for their performance and reliability. Parker valves are used in a range of applications such as conveyors, food processing machines and material handling equipment… ensuring velocity by guaranteeing consistent flow regardless of load. Flow control valves come in a variety of materials including stainless steel, brass and carbon steel.

Parker valves - hydraulic mobile valvesParker Hydraulic Mobile valves: Parker manufactures hydraulic mobile valves for virtually every mobile equipment application, from simple on/off functions to precise motion control. These include bankable control valves, motion control valves, remote controllers, directional valves and manifold mounted directional and proportional valves.

Parker valves - 6N needle valveParker Hydraulic Needle Valves: Parker offers hydraulic needle valves for speed controls on hydraulic and pneumatic systems where a reverse flow check is not needed. They provide excellent control and a reliable shutoff in a very small envelope. A two-step needle allows fine adjustment at low flow by using the first three turns of the adjusting knob. The next three turns open the valve to full flow, and also provide standard throttling adjustments.

Parker vavles - pressure control valvesParker Hydraulic Pressure Control Valves: These Parker valves include pressure control valves, pressure reducing valves and pressure relief valves.

Parker valves - hydraulic proportional valvesParker Hydraulic Proportional Valves: Parker proportional valves employ powerful voice-coil valve technology, which allows higher flows from smaller valves. These Parker valves offer extremely high response up to 300 Hz, and are offered with or without on-board control electronics

Parker vavles - hydraulic seat valvesParker Hydraulic Seat Valves: Parker offers a complete line of hydraulic seat valves designed for directional control functions. They enable individual hydraulic solutions for nominal flow up due to a large variety of poppets, springs and covers, including shuttle valves, stroke limiters, solenoid valves and position control.

Parker Hydraulic Sequence ValvesParker’s sequence valves are used to control the sequence of operation of two or more hydraulic actuators. The sequence valve pressure is set higher than the first actuator operation pressure. Once the first actuator has completed its cycle, the sequence valve opens, allowing the second actuator to move. Parker’s line of pilot-operated sequence valves include a series of internally piloted, externally drained valves and a series of externally piloted, internally vented valves.

Parker Hydraulic Shuttle Valves;

Parker valves - hydraulic spool valvesParker Hydraulic Spool Valves: Parker’s sequence valves are used to control the sequence of operation of two or more hydraulic actuators. The sequence valve pressure is set higher than the first actuator operation pressure. Once the first actuator has completed its cycle, the sequence valve opens, allowing the second actuator to move. Parker’s line of pilot-operated sequence valves include a series of internally piloted, externally drained valves and a series of externally piloted, internally vented valves.

Hydraulics Catalogue

Parker is only one of many brands that we supply; have a look at some of the hydraulic valves that we regularly supply by hopping over to our catalogue. If you’d like to make an enquiry or are simply looking for more information, then call us to speak to one of our friendly technical team or you can enquire online.

In the meantime, we’ll just leave this here; it’s just one of dozens of testimonials we have that you can see:

Thank you for your email and receipt for the hydraulic valve we ordered. I was very pleased with the prompt service received… very efficient and helpful in identifying the correct part we needed. We will most definitely use your company again.

Danfoss Power Solutions

Your one-stop Danfoss Power Solutions resource…

As one of the leading companies in the mobile hydraulics industry, Danfoss Power Solutions (recently renamed from “Sauer Danfoss”) have been operating for over 50 years designing and manufacturing a wide range of engineered hydraulic and electronic components comprising: hydrostatic transmissions, mobile electronics, orbital motors, piston pumps and motors, steering components and PVG proportional valves:

  • Danfoss T seriesO series and V series orbital motors – the biggest variety of orbital motors on the market. Known for their solid reliability, durability and high efficiency, Danfoss orbital motors are ideal for agricultural, road building, construction, forestry, public utility and lawn and garden equipment.

Click through for more details on the Danfoss Power Solutions range:

Danfoss Power Solutions

To showcase some of the Danfoss Power Solutions components we’ve supplied in the past…

Whether or not your requirements are straight forward, whether you have time on your side or needed something “yesterday”, you can relax knowing that, with over 75 years’ technical experience and our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation under our belt, you’ll be in safe hands.

DanfossOur technical team are regularly tasked with providing Danfoss Power Solutions products… From occasional users such as the UK golf course needing a Danfoss OMT 315 FH motor for their grass cutting machinery, through to overseas original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) searching for regular, scheduled supplies (Pictured right: Danfoss closed loop transmission pump and 15 motors.)

Danfoss pump motors setsIf you need something quickly, then Danfoss Power Solutions components can often be used directly in place of other branded equipment. As an example, a customer asked the team to quote for 8 Bosch Rexroth pump-motor sets, which, of course we did. But knowing the lengthy lead time involved, we also provided a quote for an equivalent – Danfoss Series 90, 75 kw pump-motor sets with half the lead time. End result: a happy customer who chose to go with Danfoss!

Hydraulic ManufacturersDanfoss Power Solutions is only name in a vast range of both leading and lesser-known hydraulic equipment manufacturers from around the world whose products we supply… Meaning that many of our customers choose to use us as their single source of supply. Don’t worry if don’t know what you need – you can leave our experienced team to work out what is best suited for your application, taking into account any budgetary or time constraints you may have.

Can you let the boys know that they are providing us with great service, parts and information in all our locations. Your service is prompt and reliable; you’re our “go to” guys when it comes to hydraulics.

There’s plenty more Danfoss Power Solutions where that came from! We’re asked for Danfoss components on a regular basis, so if you’d like to see another product, click here.

Sauer DanfossDanfoss Power Solutions


Your one-stop hydraulic resource…

Thanks to our seemingly unrivalled access to a vast range of hydraulic manufacturers from around the world, and our innovative approach to hydraulic problem solving, Hydraulics Online are THE hydraulic supplier that a rapidly increasing number of customers turn to for all their equipment and systems design needs.

Large and small alike, our customers frequently rationalise their existing hydraulic supplier base, knowing that the team here can be relied upon to deliver trusted advice and solutions… backed up by reliable deliveries of equipment from both well-known and niche manufacturers. Hydraulic equipment that, in the nicest possible sense, they can then just “fit and forget”.

Not only that, but our team are fast gaining a reputation for loving a challenge. Straight forward and easy can be boring, right? We like to be kept on our toes. We are regularly tasked with sourcing seemingly obsolete or discontinued components and haven’t been beaten yet. Often working to the tightest of budgets and delivering “yesterday”, if an original product isn’t available, or lead times are unworkable, we can offer a direct equivalent or re-manufactured unit.

We like to say that…

If it’s hydraulic we can design it, supply it, solve it or repair it!

That includes: hydraulic pumpsmotorspower packs and units, cylinders and rams, valvesfilters and filtration systems, accumulators, and coolers and accessories for any kind of application in any kind of market – even ATEX rated equipment .

As an ISO 9001 accredited business, we don’t just “sell” hydraulics however… unless that’s all you want us to do. We aim to make it our business to understand your business, so that we can be certain we can give you the best advice possible and recommend products that really are “fit for purpose”.

Technical advice and assistance was first class and we would not hesitate in contacting you in the future to satisfy our requirements.

So even if you’re not sure what product you’re looking for… Let us take the pressure!

It goes without saying that we love all things hydraulic. And, keen as we are to spread the joy and understanding of hydraulic engineering, and believing that prevention is always better than cure we have produced what we hope you will agree is a useful reference section.

We add to this on a regular basis but, if you click on the links here you can find:

And finally, based firmly on the belief that prevention is better than cure we have some hints, tips and trouble-shooting guidance for you.

Hydraulics CatalogueWe have never tried, or even thought about trying, to measure the scale of our product offering – the number is, however, unquestionably huge! Our online catalogue showcases a very small selection of the products that we supply – we couldn’t possibly squeeze everything that we do in here!

If you’ve read this far and haven’t found or seen mention of the information that you’re looking for then there’s plenty more to see by clicking around on the menu above. But as you’ve no doubt gathered, there’s a lot that can be written about hydraulics – so if you’d rather just talk to one of the team instead, we’d love to hear from you.

Oil Control Valve

Thank you… your service was excellent, we will use you again in the future.

These were the words from a new customer that were emailed in to the team this morning. As one of the world’s leading suppliers to the commercial and military aerospace market our customer was looking for a Rexroth valve – or specifically many of the hydraulic Oil Control valve range.

Oil Control was founded in Italy in 1973 when it began production of motion control valves. In 2005, the Oil Control Group became part of the Rexroth Group and changed its name to Bosch Rexroth Oil Control S.p.A.  The acquisition of the Oil Control Group and integration of its product range in its own enabled Bosch Rexroth to position itself as an even stronger player in the mobile machinery systems market, with products to cater for virtually every conceivable OEM need.

The Bosch Rexroth Oil Control valve range now includes:

  • mechanical cartridge valves, solenoid cartridge valves (on/off and electro-proportional) and high pressure cartridge valves (mechanical, solenoid on/off and) electro-proportional;
  • proportional pressure reducing valves – remote control manifolds;
  • sleeve valves for line mounting;
  • Oil Control insert valves;
  • Load holding/motion control valves;
  • Oil Control modular/directional valves;
  • Flow diverters.

Whether, like our customer here, you work within a major PLC or run your own small business, we understand the importance of increasing the value of your brand and staying a step ahead of your competition at every turn. We provide Original Equipment Manufacturers with whatever level of support they need to ensure that their products are well-positioned in the marketplace – from upfront hydraulic systems design consultancy, through to prototyping and pre-production manufacturing, or as an ongoing production and service parts provider.

With our competitive access to an extensive range of hydraulic equipment manufacturers from around the world, many of our customers choose to rationalise their supplier base and work with us as their single source of supply… allowing them to focus on their products, their customers, their markets.

So look no further… You can trust us with your design ideas and brand. You’re in safe hands.

Roquet 1408 Lever Control Valve

Supplying time-critical Roquet hydraulics…

If you’re a hydraulic engineering company looking for reliable, time-critical supplies of hydraulic equipment, backed up by sound advice and technical knowledge then you’re in the right place.

Hydraulics Online enjoys a reputation for providing practical, trusted advice and cost-effective solutions to our customers, large and small alike… across all industries and applications including marine and offshore hydraulics. A frequent customer, a company who provide on-site service to a variety of land and marine-based customers, contacted the technical team to enquire about a Roquet 1408 lever control valve to be used for a winch motor on a vessel.

Roquet Valve

Some of the features of the Roquet 1408 lever control valve include a:

  • nominal flow of 300 l/min;
  • maximum working pressure of 350 bar;
  • maximum return of 80 bar (static spool) and 20 bar (during spool positioning);
  • temperature range between -20°C and +80°C.

Roquet provides a variety of quality hydraulic valves, predominantly for mobile applications – click here for more information.

Roquet Hydraulics

Linde and Casappa Hydraulic Motors

A returning customer, who provides on-site servicing and troubleshooting to industries such as oil, marine and plant hire required a Casappa and a Linde hydraulic motor in kit form – other products were required as well as the motor. The motor was to be used as part of a system on a vessel.

The customer needed the kit of hydraulic equipment as soon as possible and, as their main hydraulics supplier, had trusted us to make it happen. The technical team sent the Linde and Casappa motors along with a hydraulic reservoir, pump and valve on a next day delivery.

Linde Motor

Some of the features of the Linde motor include a:

  • Piston slipper assembly;
  • 21 degree swash angle;
  • Housing;
  • One-piece design for high rigidity;
  • Rotating group;
  • Continuous torque transmission from 0 rpm to maximum rpm;
  • Valve plate housing;
  • Integration of various modular functions;
  • Purge function;
  • Fluid exchange.

Casappa Motor

Some of the features of the Casappa motor include:

  • Displacements from 1.05 in³/rev (17,28 cm³/rev) to 7.66 in³/rev (125,63 cm³/rev) available in groups 30 and 35;
  • Maximum peak pressure up to 4640 psi (320 bar);
  • Maximum speed up to 3000 min-1.


Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

At Hydraulics Online, we understand the importance of increasing the value of your brand and product range to outperform the competition at every turn. We can provide you with whatever level of support you need to ensure that your product is well-positioned in the marketplace… which is exactly why original equipment manufacturers return to us again and again, considering us a part of their product development team.

A long-standing customer, an original equipment manufacturer who produces new and reconditioned forklift truck attachments, contacted the technical team with a request to design a bespoke unit for a new application that would minimise a number of valves into one, single block.

The team were able to design the bespoke flow control valve to suit the needs of the customer and tailored it specifically to their application. The exact unit (pictured here) is a bespoke dual priority flow control valve: 3/4”, 120 litres/minute, complete with checks, 210 bar.

To quote the happy customer; “We approached Hydraulics Online 18 months ago for assistance in the design and supply of bespoke hydraulic control systems. As a result of their vast technical knowledge and wide product range available, we were able to develop a system which was both competitively priced and completely tailored to suit our application.

Since our initial projects with Hydraulics Online, we have worked together to develop further systems to complement our product range, further heightening our position in the market place. They have also been a valuable technical partner assisting our engineering personnel on site with issues faced in the field. Overall, a valuable tool for any business.”

Testimonial: Special Needs Charity - Scotland

We are a small charity that run boats on the Union and the Forth and Clyde canals for people with special needs. We needed the valve for our boat lift in our boathouse, the original unit burned out due to a faulty switch.

We really didn’t expect the unit until Monday, but received it on Saturday morning and had the lift working again in the afternoon!

Click through on the following links if you’d like to find out more about us and our customers, the markets and hydraulic manufacturers that we deal with and the hydraulic products and services that we can provide.


“Can you let the boys know that they are providing us with great service, parts and information in all our locations. Your service is prompt and reliable; you’re our “go to” guys when it comes to hydraulics.”

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