Danfoss Hydraulic Steering Units

Danfoss hydraulic steering units provide a steady, reliable performance that keeps steering forces under perfect control in all kinds of driving conditions..

Each of the Danfoss hydraulic steering units in the complete steering range combines superior performance with the highest standards of safety, operator comfort and low noise levels. Danfoss steering units are available in many steering  types, most of them with integrated valve functions. Perfect for smooth driving on the straight or during maneuvering: ON – Open Centre, No Reaction, OR – Open Centre, Reaction, LS – Load Sensing, LSR – Load Sensing Reaction, PB – Power Beyond, CN – Closed Centre, No Reaction, CR – Closed Centre, Reaction.

Danfoss Hydraulic Steering Units

OSPM: Mini hydrostatic steering unit, consisting of a rotary valve and a rotary meter; can be used with an add-on steering column, OTPM/OTPM-T or with the steering column integrated with the unit. Advantages include: small dimensions and low weight, end ports with integrated fittings, easy installation and accessibility, low pressure drop, low input torque and low noise. Steering type: ON, PB LS.

Danfoss Hydraulic Steering Units

OSPB & OSPC steering units differ on one point: the OSPC has built-in valve functions while the OSPB has not. Where valve functions are required with the OSPB, an OVP valve block is available for flange mounting on the steering unit. The OSPC EFU steering unit provides very high positional accuracy, while at the same time maintaining smooth and unobtrusive operation with no unwanted side effects for the driver.

Designed for high steering wheel speed, the quick response OSPF steering unit is made for applications that require particular agility when maneuvering.

Danfoss Hydraulic Steering Units

The Danfoss OSPL load sensing steering unit provides maximum flow with minimum flow loss along the way and its space-saving design means the OSPL will fit in the tightest spot on your machine. Features & benefits include: precision steering at displacements above 500ccm, special spool/sleeve set for optimized displacement, with or without integrated valves, OVPL valve block available for units without integrated valves, port threads customized to international standards.

Danfoss Hydraulic Steering Units

OSPU: with flow amplification. The OSPU is the latest addition to the Danfoss dual displacement steering product line, complementing the dual displacement OSPD for responsive, easily maneuverable machines of most sizes. Danfoss has designed the OSPU as an alternative to dual displacement steering units. Due to its unique flow-amplifying capability (up to 1:4), the unit delivers best-in-class manual steering over a wide application range – the compact design easing installation.

A new progressive displacement option secures smooth steering performance in both slow and fast steering modes, while maintaining optimal controllability, precision and operator comfort. The steadily increasing flow, which corresponds to steering speed, contributes to reduced operating costs.


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