Eaton Hydraulic Electronic Controls & Software

We offer a diverse range of Eaton hydraulic electronic controls & software including closed circuit piston controls, F(x) software and electronics and many more…

Utilised in both mobile and industrial applications, the Eaton hydraulic electronic controls & software includes the Eaton Pro-FX software and electronic control portfolio, allowing customers total flexibility to program control systems to satisfy individual application needs. Pre-programmed, configurable electronic controls are available for individual industrial valves, open and closed circuit piston products, and systems.

Open Circuit Piston ControlsHFX Programmable Controllers: These controllers can found on a range of applications including harvesters, dump trucks, cranes or other mobile on- or off-highway equipment—they can add power and versatility to any application. The controllers come in four models all covering powerful 32-bit processors, configurable CAN channels and an industry leading software configurable I/O system, Eaton HFX Programmable Controllers are an ideal solution for tough challenges and environments.

ESM E31&E32VFX Programmable Displays: Effective programmable displays allows for the development of the optimal human machine interface for a hydraulic application. The displays give the operator visual feedback through dials, gauges, machine diagrams. They can decrease machine downtime with intelligent diagnostic screens.


 Electronic Switch ModulesElectronic Switch Modules: Quicker and easier installations are the outcome of mounting and connecting eight switches at once with up to 64 per wire harness. Switches remain more durable than traditional electromechanical switches at 1m cycles. Bespoke switch graphics and four daylight-visible status LEDs per switch make the operation easier.


Piston Pump Controls imageOpen/Closed Circuit Piston Controls: Finding hydraulic pump and motor control hardware in mobile closed-loop circuits that remains efficient isn’t easy—however, Eaton’s Manage Electronic Transmission Automotive Control (ETAC) or EDC-CAN systems with a pre-programmed Eaton Maestro electronic control unit and two-channel amplifier do just that. For Eaton Hydrokraft® pumps, combine an Eaton ER9 Series amplifier card and an industrial proportional or servo valve for total piston control.

Industrial Valve ElectronicsIndustrial Valve Electronics: Eaton provides a full line of field and cabinet mounted control products for directional and proportional valves. Cabinet mounted PAM cards feature user-friendly front panels with LED’s that allow users to easily make adjustments and monitor card functions for either feedback or non-feedback industrial valves. Field Mounted Power Plugs feature fully enclosed, robust valve driver electronics and are used to control directly operated, non-feedback industrial valves.

These dedicated valve controls offer fast, precise response and are designed specifically to be used with Eaton’s broad portfolio if industrial valves products.

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Eaton Hydraulic Electronic Controls & Software

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