Eaton Hydraulic Power Units and Systems

We provide a range of Eaton hydraulic power units and systems including custom and standard for mobile and industrial applications…

Eaton designs a vast range of proficient, dependable standard and custom power packs to industries and markets worldwide. Eaton hydraulic power units and systems are made with the highest quality under rigorous manufacturing standards, the power units come equipped with options for capacities, controls, manifolds, pumps and configurations. They ensure reliability and cost-effectiveness during operation and greater effectiveness in a series of applications from process manufacturing to alternative energy.

Bar ManifoldsBar Manifolds: With Eaton’s Packaged Systems Configurator 2.0 (PSC), you can find the right bar manifold for many applications from automotive manufacturing to wind power applications. Eaton bar manifolds comprise standard relief valves and are available in two different materials with varied optional features, allowing engineers the flexibility they need to satisfy their application requirements.

Industrial Power UnitsIndustrial Power Units: Available in vertical, horizontal, L-shape, overhead, JIC and other configurations, characteristics of Eaton’s industrial power units include electric motors rated for constant duty to supply both flexibility in installation and durability in operation for a continual, trusted system.


Integrated Motor PumpsIntegrated Motor Pumps: Housed in a compact enclosure which reduces noise, the integrated motor pumps use a combination of a conventional AC induction motor cooled by system hydraulic fluid with a vane or variable displacement piston-type pump. Subsequently, the package comes fully constructed, tested and is ready to be installed, providing 92 kW (125 hp) of silent, constant hydraulic power.

Mobile Power UnitsMobile Power Units: Ideal for high pressure operations and applications where there is little to no room for hydraulic equipment, Eaton contributes complete integrated mobile power units. Combining a tank, motor, pump and valves all in one weightless, compact package, Eaton mobile power units are prepared for demanding conditions, whether on location or anywhere in between.

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Eaton Hydraulic Power Units and Systems

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