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We provide a huge range of Eaton hydraulic valves including industrial valves, mobile valves, screw-in cartridge valves and many more…

Being able to surpass the competition is important in markets worldwide. Eaton hydraulic valves deliver unique quality for a variety of applications, these cost-effective hydraulic valves include many of the traits and performance levels of true market leaders.

AxisPro® Servo Performance Proportional Valves: Manufactured on the proven KB Servo Proportional Valve technology, Eaton’s next generation AxisPro® proportional valve offers a variation of levels of performance to satisfy the requirements of an assortment of applications. The four-way solenoid operated proportional valves present a high dynamic performance which allows them to be utilised in closed-loop applications usually only feasible using conventional servo valves.

Check ValvesCheck Valves: Including inline, right-angle and manifold-mounted, direct-operated options, Eaton check valves grant free, unidirectional flow of fluid, or reverse flow in piloted versions when pressure is exerted to the valve’s pilot port.



Directional ValvesDirectional Valves: Reliable directional valves from Eaton’s DG Series are for all kinds of markets. Effortlessly mountable on industry standard surfaces, Eaton directional valves offer three- or four-way directional control for cylinders or hydraulic motors. They can be actuated by solenoid, hydraulic or pneumatic pilot, lever, or mechanically, making them a perfect fit for a range of industrial operations.

Flange ValvesFlange Valves: These valves are suitable for regulating flow in hydraulic systems. Comprising pre-packaged relief, unloading or check valve assemblies, our flange valves mount directly to pump flanges to reduce leaking, increase the area within a system and produce better shock resistance.


Flow ControlsFlow Controls: With capabilities for extremely low flow regulation, volumetric control via temperature and pressure compensation, and optional integral relief valves, the full range of adjustable flow control valves is the perfect choice for a wide variety of industrial applications.


Pressure ControlsPressure Controls: Relieve, reduce, sequence or unload fluid pressure in a wide variety of applications with Eaton sub-plate or in-line mounted industrial pressure controls. Available with remote, multiple pressure and venting control options, Eaton pressure controls save space in hydraulic systems, and reduce overall installation costs.


Proportional Flow ValvesProportional Flow Valves: Designed with the external electrical wiring inside the durable metal enclosure, our proportional flow valves feature superior moisture resistance and long-lasting durability, all with an IP 65 & 67 environmental rating that ensures efficiency.


Proportional Pressure ValvesProportional Pressure Valves: Eaton’s dependable proportional pressure valves offer superior hydraulic system solutions for a variety of machinery, processing and testing applications. Complete with on-board ramp adjustment, superior moisture resistance and valve enable for easier interlock control, these valves feature a host of advanced features housed in a durable metal enclosure to take systems to the next level of performance.

Proportional Valves ElectronicsProportional Valves Electronics: Eaton proportional valve electronics feature user-friendly front panels with LED’s, allowing operators to easily monitor and adjust card functions. These units provide both voltage and current input signals, translating them to standard, efficient PWM output signals.


Servo ValvesServo Valves: From primary metal, wood and paper processing to plastics, manufacturing and more, SX4 servo valves from Eaton are the perfect solution for closed-loop control applications. They give systems exact positional accuracy, velocity and predictable force, and torque regulation, outperforming the competition in even the most demanding closed-loop applications.


Slip-in Cartridge ValvesSlip-in Cartridge Valves: Meet the demands of a new generation of hydraulic-operated machinery and equipment with cost-effective, energy-efficient controls. Eaton slip-in cartridge valves excel in systems with relatively high flows (150 lpm or 39.6 gpm) to produce faster, more efficient and compact hydraulic systems than those with conventional valves.


Sub Plates and Bolt KitsSub Plates and Bolt Kits: Completing hydraulic system installations is simple with sub plates and bolt kits from Eaton. Engineered to provide a precise fit to Eaton valves and manifolds, these kits give systems the flat surfaces and high stiffness they require to ensure optimum sealing in every application.


SystemStakSystemStak: SystemStak is a revolutionary, compact system for sandwich mounting modular valves between a directional control valve and a standard mounting surface. SystemStak gives users a full range of complementary pressure, flow and check valve functions, while saving space, reducing installation costs and increasing efficiency in hydraulic systems.


Hydraulic Remote ControlHydraulic Remote Control: Increase productivity and decrease efforts while operating machinery of all sizes with Eaton Hydraulic Remote Controls (HRCs). HRCs come in versions for hand, feet or mechanical operation, so operators can more easily and efficiently activate and control directional valves from a single remote operating station.


mobile directional valveMobile Directional Control Valve: Renowned for reliability and durability, over half a million Eaton mobile directional control valves are deployed in the field today. Among those is our market-leading design, which comes with three optional main relief valves for added system protection and total peace of mind. From forklifts in the warehouse to excavators on the work site, depend on the flexible configurations of Eaton mobile directional control valves for high-performance functionality.

Monoblock ValvesMonoblock Valves: Built to fit a wide range of applications, tough cast-iron Eaton hydraulic valves are the perfect customisable solutions for sweepers, scrubbers, lift trucks and more. Available in one-, two- and three-spool configurations, they include optional adjustable relief valves, pilot-operated work port checks, handles and detents to ensure maximum functionality for a variety of requirements.

Sectional CM80 & CM120 ValvesSectional CM80 & CM120 Valves: The Eaton modular CM80 and CM120 sectional control valves are designed to deliver outstanding responsiveness and reliability—without the need for costly fittings. Our cast-iron sectional valve designs include open-center, parallel or series circuits, as well as manual and hydraulic actuation options. With plenty of configurations and flow ratings up to 30 gpm, CM80 and CM120 sectional control valves provide enough performance and durability to get every job done.

Sectional CML ValvesSectional CML Valves: Designed for a broad range of mobile applications including aerial work platforms, winches, cranes and more, these valves combine proven sectional technology with modular features, resulting in the ultimate level of flexibility. To get an even greater choice of configurations, simply pair these sectional CML valves with Eaton’s SiCV technology for work port and inlet relief capabilities for work port and inlet relief options to give customers an extensive choice of configuration options.

Sectional CMX100 & CMX160 ValvesSectional CMX100 & CMX160 Valves: With modular Eaton sectional CMX100 and CMX160 valves, engineers don’t need to sacrifice precision control in a hydraulic system to meet power requirements. The CMX valves are completely stackable and feature separated meter-in and meter-out elements, so they can be used in almost any application. Both the CMX100 and CMX160 models have the same great modular functionality and reduce overall power requirements, only varying in size and flow rating.

Sectional MDG ValvesSectional MDG Valves: Based on our industry-leading DG4V3, the sectional MDG mobile directional control valve features a closed-center, parallel or series circuit design, as well as capabilities for open-centre circuit functionality through the use of unloading inlet options. For cost-effective implementation, customisable configuration and smoother equipment operation on everything from outriggers to harvesting equipment, trust the power of Eaton’s sectional MDG valves.

Self Leveling ValvesSelf-Levelling Valves: Witness true operational simplicity with self-leveling valves from Eaton. These line-mounted, flow-dividing valves allow machinery to automatically adjust the bucket function in response to movement of the boom cylinder.



Check ValvesCheck Valves: Eaton covers everything from simple, cost-saving load-bearing devices—beneficial when overrunning loads and control of load release speed are not issues—to optional adjustable override releases for situations where pilot pressure is not always available. Design variations include two-way, bypass orifice, restrictive, single- and double-pilot operated, and double pilot check valves to maximise potential applications.

Circuit Maker SolutionsDirectional Controls: Take complete control of hydraulic system flow with a wide variety of Eaton screw-in cartridge directional controls. Manual control options include rotary, lever, push, and pull, in addition to pilot-operated cartridges and hot-oil shuttle valves.


Flow ControlsFlow Controls: Engineers know that when they’re designing a hydraulics system, maintaining the perfect balance of pressure and flow is key. That’s why adjustable Eaton Flow Control components precisely factor in the temperature, pressure and volume of flow in order to handle each application most efficiently.


Logic ElementsLogic Elements: Designed to provide total control over pressure, flow and direction, Eaton’s versatile line of Logic Elements spans a broad range of pressure ratings and applications.



Load Control ValvesMotion Control Valves: Including standard, part-balanced, fully-balanced, and zero-differential designs, Eaton Motion Control Valves are ideal for applications requiring load holding, numerous pilot ratios, safety, efficient control, and excellent stability for all types of loads.


Pressure ControlPressure Control: The high-performance Pressure Control products handles pressure relief, reduction, sequencing and unloading. Including both sub-plate and in-line mounting options as well as various control types like remote, multiple pressure and venting, Eaton’s Pressure Control solutions offer the flexibility and performance of a proven leader in the hydraulics industry.


Proportional ValvesProportional Valves: Smooth, accurate control is a must for most pressure and flow applications, so Eaton developed an entire range of Screw-in Cartridge Proportional Valves (SiCV) to help with achieving exactly that.



Solenoid ValvesSolenoid Valves: For systems used in harsh environments, count on industry-leading Eaton solenoid-actuated Screw-in Cartridge Valves (SiCV) to support nearly every flow, pressure and directional control requirement thrown at them. With superior ingress protection and unsurpassed performance, Eaton’s Tough Coil solenoid range gives engineers flexibility and complete control over their hydraulic systems.

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