Hydac Sensors

At Hydraulics Online, we offer a huge range of Hydac sensors…

Hydac Sensors

From left to right: Oil Contamination Sensors, Flow Rate Sensors, Level Sensors and Contamination Sensors.

Pressure transmitters / transducer: HDA 3800, HDA 4100, HDA 4300, HDA 4400, HDA 4700, HDA 7400, HDA 8400, HDA 8700, HDA 4800 and HDA 9300.

Electronic pressure switches: EDS 410, EDS 710, EDS 1700, EDS 300, EDS 3100, EDS 3300, EDS 3400, EDS 601, EDS 810, EDS 4400, EDS 8000, EDS 4100 and EDS 4300.

Temperature transmitters: ETS 4100, ETS 7000, HTT 8000 and ETS 4500.

Electronic temperature switch: ETS 320, ETS 380, ETS 1700, ETS 3200, ETS 3800 and HTS 8000.

Temperature probe: TFP 100.

Flow rate transmitters: EVS 3100, EVS 3110, HFT 2100 and HFT 2500.

Volume flow switches: HFS 2100 and HFS 2500.

Electronic level switch: ENS 3000, HNS 500 and HNS 3000.

Niveaumessumformer: HNT 1000.

Position switch: HLS 100.

Displacement transducers: HLT 1000 and HLT 2000.

Rotation sensors: HSS 110, HSS 120, HSS 130, HSS 210 and HSS 220.

Contamination sensors: AS 2000, CS 2000, AS 1000, CS 1000, MCS 1000, AS 3000 and EY 1356.

Contamination sensor accessories: CSD and CM-RE.

Electrical accessories: Coupling sockets, connection plugs and connection cables.

Mechanical accessories: Thread adapter, installation blocks and fastening clamps.

Oil condition sensors: HYDACLab.

Distance sensors: HLS 500.

That’s quite a choice of Hydac sensors! Don’t worry if you don’t know which one you need – our experienced team will be able to determine which one is right for your application.

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