Kawasaki Hydraulics

Kawasaki Hydraulics

Hydraulics Online – Supplying you with Kawasaki hydraulics and Kawasaki Staffa motors (radial piston motors), MX motors (axial piston motors), K3V motors (axial piston motors), hydraulic controls and other Kawasaki hydraulic equipment and components…

Kawasaki Precison Machinery, an integral part of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd, is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic systems and components. Kawasaki Hydraulics manufactures a wide variety of hydraulic products for mobile, industrial, marine, mining, and various other applications. The full range of Kawaski hydraulics comprises: Kawaski hydraulic pumps, motors, mobile main control valves, remote control valves, rotary actuators and hydraulic valves. Renowned products include Kawasaki: K3V, K3VL and KV3G axial piston pumps, PV48 and RCV remote control valves, M5X swing motors, and Staffa high-torque radial piston motors.

Kawasaki Hydraulics Mobile Main Control Valves:

  • KMC Series: Proportional multiple control valves (sectional) suitable for mobile applications. Parallel or tandem circuits available, internal pilot system eliminates external pilot pressure source requirements, optional valves such as port relief valves available. Models available: KMC10.
  • KMP Series: Proportional multiple control valves (sectional) with pressure compensator and internal pilot supply for electro-hydraulic control of various mobile vehicles. Has manual lever actuation for emergency operation. Very high controllability allowing precise inching operation. Models available: KMP10
  • MW Series: Multiple control valves (sectional) with parallel, series, tandem or combination of these in one unit. Manual or hydraulic pilot control options available. Suitable for mobile applications. A combination of a remote control valve and a variable displacement pump attains an energy saving circuit for improved efficiency. Models available: MW25 and MW28.
  • KMX Series: Multiple control valves (semi-monoblock) for precise control of actuators. Excellent for mobile excavator-type applications. Special functions include straight traveling and swing priority, etc. A combination of a remote control valve and a variable displacement pump attains energy saving systems, such as a negative control system and a positive control system. Models available:KMX13, KMX15 and KMX32.

Kawasaki Hydraulics Remote Control Valves:

Kawasaki Remote Control Valves

  • PV Series: Hydraulic joystick pilot valve for mobile applications: PV48K, PV48M, PV6P, PVD6P and PVD8P;
  • RCV Series: Hydraulic foot control pilot valve for mobile applications: RCV8C;
  • ERU Series: Electronic joystick pilot valves for mobile applications: ERU2, ERUS, ERUH;
  • ERUP Series: Electronic foot control pilot valves (mobile usage): ERUP1, ERUP2.

HR Series Rotary Actuators: Kawasaki Hydraulics HR series rotary actuators are suitable for applications requiring limited rotation. Available in models: HR-08S-04, HR-11S-06, HR-15S-08, HR-20S-10, HR-20S-18, HR-08D-04, HR-11D-06, HR-15D-08.

Axial Piston Motors: The Kawasaki MX/MB series of axial piston motors is a leader for construction and industrial machinery. The M3X/M3B have extended the speed range at both ends of the scale, while the new M5X series offers a more compact version of the M2X series on which it is based. With or without reduction gears, Kawasaki axial piston motors are the perfect choice for swing or travel power in construction machines and industrial vehicles. The range comprises:

Kawasaki M5X Axial Piston Pump

  • M2X / M5X Slewing motor – A compact, high performance swash plate type axial piston motor for swing applications, available in a number of displacements: M2X63, M5X130, M5X180, M2X210, M2X63-RG06, M5X130 -RG10, M5X180-RG16 and M5X180-RG20
  • M3X General use fixed displacement – 4 models and 10 displacement types ranging from 149cm3 to 800cm3: M3X200, M3X280, M3X530, M3X800
  • M3B General use variable displacement – 4 models with displacement range from 195cm3 to 800cm3 and from 1,512cm3 to 5,120cm3 for those with reduction gears. Several combinations of large and small displacements are available along with a wide variation of regulators are also available for various control options: M3B200, M3B280, M3B530, M3B800
  • K3X General use fixed displacement – 4 models with displacement range from 63cm3 to 111cm3: K3X63, K3X80, K3X90, K3X112.

Kawasaki hydraulic valvesKawasaki Hydraulics Controls and Valves: Kawasaki hydraulic valves offer excellence in control. Incorporating the latest technology they are playing a leading role in the emerging era of mechatronics. The Kawaski range comprises: C – Direct acting check valve, CH – Pilot operated check valve, DE – Directional spool valve sub-plate mounted, DEH – Directional spool valve pilot operated, T – Throttle valve pipe fitting, TC – Throttle check valve pipe fitting, FJC – Flow control valve two-way compensated, RD – Pressure relief valve direct acting, RB and RBE – Pressure relief valve pilot operated, PRD – Pressure reducing valve direct acting, PRB – Pressure reducing valve pilot operated, B – Brake valve, CBD – Counterbalance valve.

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