Nordvalves Solenoid Diverter Valves

Nordvalves solenoid diverter valves have a nominal flow of 50 litres / minute and a maximum operating pressure of 315 bar, while the SVV-90 series have a nominal flow of 90 litres / minute and a maximum operating pressure of 280 bar…

Nordvalves Solenoid Diverter Valves

Nordvalves solenoid diverter valves are designed as a link between two consumers and the basic directional valve, when it is necessary to control both consumers alternately by means of one basic directional valve. The distributor has an electromagnetic (solenoid) control, a cast iron body (EN-GJL-3000, spools are made of carbonized steel and are tempered. The distributor is fixed with two bolts M8. Other technical and operating parameters of the DVS6-6/2L valve series are:

  • Nordvalves DVS6-6_2LNominal flow: 50 litres/minute;
  • Maximum operating pressure with/without external drain: 315/210 bar;
  • Ambient temperature: -30C…+50C;
  • Fluid temperature: -20C…+70C;
  • Viscosity: 15-380 mm2/s;
  • Filtration: 9 to NAS 1638;
  • Supply voltage: 12v / 24v DC;
  • Power: 36 / 29 W
  • Switching frequency, 1/h: 15 000
  • Coil temperature up to 180C
  • Duty cycle: 100%

The Nordvalves SVV-90 series solenoid diverter valve has been designed to meet the demand of progressive machine manufacturers for a versatile, cost-effective, reliable circuit selector. The advanced design of the valve spool ensures that fast spool switching can take place under any conditions without the use of a separate drain line. Nordvalves SVV-90 selector valves are stackable 6 port / 2way changeover valves, designed to be used when extra circuits are to be operated from one control lever on machines such as fork lift trucks, agricultural front end loader, telescopic handlers, and in transmission circuits. SVV-90 6 port diverter valves can be stacked up to 3 valves allowing for the diverting of flow in 2, 3 or 4 directions depending on the combination chosen.

SVV valve bank can also be equipped with a relief valve housing on the outlet end of the valve, protecting the motor or cylinder operated by the B ports against excessive pressure.

  • Nordvalves SVV90-6_2Ambient temperature: -40C…+95C
  • Fluid temperature: -20C…+70C
  • Nominal flow: 90 litres/minute
  • Maximum operating pressure: 280 bar
  • Viscosity:10-400 mm2/s
  • Filtration: 18/14 acc. to ISO4406
  • Supply voltage: 12v/24v DC
  • Power: 65W
  • Switching frequency, 1/h: 15 000
  • Duty cycle: 100%
  • Spool leakage-100bar and 25mm2/s viscosity: 2.0 cm3/min

Catalogue logoNordvalves diverter valves (DVS6-6/2L and SVV90-6/2) can also be found in our catalogue – hop over and take a look! But don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of hydraulic valve you need; our team can help determine the one that will best suit your application.

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