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Oleostar Hydraulics became part of the Walvoil Group in 2005 and by 2011 all operations and product branding were in the name of Walvoil. The original Oleostar Hydraulics product range is detailed here:

Oleostar Hydraulics Pressure Control Valves:

  • Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valves: These hydraulic valves are used as pressure limiting devices to protect hydraulic systems. Available as: direct acting relief valves, differential area and pilot operated valves, electric venting relief valves, antishock valves, and direct acting proportional valves.
  • Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valves: Hydraulic pressure reducing valves are pressure limiting devices that limit pressure in one portion of a hydraulic circuit while leaving system pressure unaffected. Available as direct acting relieving valves, direct acting proportional relieving valves, pilot operated relieving valves, valves, and pilot operated proportional relieving valves.
  • Hydraulic Sequence Valves: As the name implies, hydraulic sequence valves control a sequence of operations. Sequence valves usually use a pressure signal to shift a spool, thereby opening or closing a flow path at a pre‑set pressure. Available as sequence valves (direct acting and balanced), unloader valves, 2 pump “hi‑low” unloading valves, 2 way valves with external pilot, valves with external pilot and drain “Kick‑Down” sequence valves.

Oleostar Hydraulics Check Valves:

  • Hydraulic Check Valves: Hydraulic check valves allow free flow in one direction and block flow in the opposite direction. Available as ball and poppet check valves, shuttle valves, and double acting check valves.
  • Hydraulic Pilot Operated Check Valves: These hydraulic valves are used to prevent a load from dropping in case of hose or tube failure or from drifting caused by directional control valve spool leakage. Available as single and double acting valves, single acting HIGT back-pressure valves and single-acting shut-off valves.

Oleostar Hydraulics Flow Control Valves:

  • Hydraulic Needle Valves: Hydraulic needle valves provide adjustable, non‑compensated flow control. They are available with standard or fine adjust, needle valves with reverse free-flow check and with a variety of knob adjusting options.
  • Hydraulic Flow Control Pressure Compensated Valves: Pressure compensated flow control valves are used to limit or regulate flow. Available as 2 way flow regulators pressure compensated, 3 way flow regulators pressure compensated, Flow dividers and combiners, 2 way valves with reverse free flow check, 2 way and 3 way proportional valves.

Oleostar Hydraulics Counterbalance Valves:

  • Hydraulic Counterbalance (Overcentre) Valves: Hydraulic counterbalance valves are used to control the motion of a load in the following ways: to prevent a load from dropping in case of hose or tube failure or from drifting caused, by directional control valve spool leakage, to provide smooth, modulated motion when the load is in a lowering or run‑away mode or when the directional control valve is suddenly closed. Available as single and double acting valves, closed centre valves and motion control and lock valves.

Oleostar Hydraulics Directional Solenoid Valves:

  • Hydraulic Directional Solenoid Valves: Hydraulic solenoid valves are electrically‑operated, on‑off poppet or spool‑type valves for load holding, blocking, or directional control applications. Available as 2 way pilot operated valves, 3 way 2 positions valves, 4 way 2 positions valves or 4 way 3 position valves.

Oleostar Hydraulics Automatic Reversing Valves:

  • Hydraulic Automatic Reversing Valves: These hydraulic valves are used to automatically switch the direction of oil flow through either mechanical or pressure increase.

Hydraulics CatalogueOur catalogue shows a small selection of the hydraulic valves that we regularly supply, but don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of hydraulic valve you need; our experienced team can help determine the one that will be best suited to your application.

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