Parker Hydraulic Radial Piston Motors

Parker offer a large range of hydraulic radial piston motors…

RADIAL PISTON MOTORS - CALZONI MR* SERIES - 32CC TO 23,033CCCalzoni MR*Series – 32cc to 23,033cc: The Parker-Calzoni radial piston motors are designed for exceptional performance and can be found in low speed-high torque (LSHT) applications. These motors are found in applications all over the world. They are available in an extremely wide displacement range, 33cc – 23,033cc and are pressure rated to 3,600psi continuous and 4,350psi intermittent.


MR MOTORSMR, MRD, MRDE, MRT, MRTE, MRV and MRVE Motors: The principle of the MR motor is to transmit the effort from the stator to the rotating shaft by means of a pressurized column of oil instead of the more common connecting rods, pistons, pads and pins.



If you’re looking for a Parker hydraulic radial piston motor (a Calzoni radial piston motor), you might be interested to know that it can be directly interchanged with an Italgroup product. The team at Italgroup Hydraulics have been producing radial piston hydraulic motors since 1985 with yearly production and worldwide distribution now exceeding more than 13,000 units. Their radial piston motors can also be directly interchanged with: Dinamic Oil hydraulic motors, Duesterloh (Dusterloh) motors, Staffa hydraulic motors (Kawasaki Precision Machinery), Sai hydraulic motors as well as the Parker / Riva Calzoni radial piston motors here.

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