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A vital player in your strategic supply chain team: how we work with our procurement partners to offer expert advice and consulting, reliable sourcing and exactly-as-promised worldwide delivery.

Whether you have an internal procurement role or you are in a dedicated procurement business working on behalf of your clients, we understand you play a vital role in supporting the organisation’s strategic objectives of profitability, innovation and market expansion.

Choosing the right partners plays a decisive role in your ability to do this.


Because there’s way more to procurement than managing costs…

Procurement professionals add value to their business and their customers not only through cost management – and the preferential purchasing agreements they secure –  but by adding value at every element of the supply chain.

Like you, we understand that value can be measured in a number of ways; often securing the rapid delivery of a much-needed part has far greater business value than shaving off an extra percentage point in a price negotiation.

After all, organisations are driven by the need to provide value to their customers, users and stakeholders and to create value in terms of:

  • profit and profit margins
  • revenue and revenue growth of the organisation
  • reputation – at brand level and organisational
  • capital effectiveness

Procurement must look at overall value as well as cost to ensure it is aligned with the wider organisational goals. Sometimes the lowest cost option may not always be the best decision. Doing the right thing might mean spending more.

The role of procurement in maximising overall value

There’s no escaping it: pricing and cost management are key performance measures. Procurement therefore needs to identify those suppliers who will:

  • explore improved pricing if you have time on your side, and longer delivery lead times are an option
  • offer volume discounts for larger order quantities, forward-order schedules or a wider range of system equipment and components
  • recommend viable, cost-effective alternative solutions

Of course, the key is to ensure that cost savings aren’t achieved at the expense of quality, or a prolonged or unmet delivery date.

However, procurement professionals always know that while controlling unnecessary expenditure is vital, spending more may drive value: through revenue growth, reputational improvement or operational efficiencies that reduce the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the asset/equipment.

The product with the cheapest initial cost may have higher running costs; taking other factors into account might result in a different purchasing choice. Using better components might increase the life of a capital item, offer improved reliability and minimise downtime or reduce the need for servicing – and for this the end customer might be willing to pay more.

But you can only offer these options to your client if your partner has the knowledge, experience and willingness to share these insights with you in a way that makes it easy for you to share them.

I appreciate the great service you have provided; you informed us of our options and found the exact hydraulic parts I needed and did so lightning fast.

Choosing the right procurement partner for your supply chain

Choosing your procurement partners wisely and working with customer-focused, quality-driven businesses can help you deliver this extra value to your customers.

Our customers tell us our sector expertise and helpful advice is one key reason they choose to work with us:

We receive all kinds of weird and wonderful requests for obscure hydraulic parts; we put these to Hydraulics Online and they are really knowledgeable and really quick at coming back to me about requests – Account manager, global supply chain company.


I was really impressed with your company; very knowledgeable and professional… I wish companies in the United States were more customer orientated – Procurement company.

Hydraulics Online commits to partnering with the procurement businesses we work with to help them deliver their highly-prized procurement and supplier management propositions based on:

  • putting the customer first and service that exceeds expectations
  • professional expertise, knowledge, experience and building trust
  • quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness
  • a one-stop shop with international reach
  • flexibility and tenacity

In this way, we help you add value to your customers – whether internal or external – in several important ways:

  • security of supply
  • cost management
  • reduced or managed risk
  • improved quality
  • greater added value
  • increased efficiency
  • innovation
  • market expansion

Simplifying hydraulic procurement

Our procurement clients worldwide harness our technical knowledge and leverage our industry experience and independence and rate our market positioning highly.

Their experience is summed up by these words from one particularly high-profile customer, when speaking of us as:

… a truly integrated hydraulics supplier, not just the sales extension of a larger company.

As an independent global hydraulic solutions provider, we work with 140 manufacturers and suppliers – so we have real choice over sourcing in terms of pricing and delivery.

And that makes hydraulic procurement simple:

Rather than us having to call around different manufacturers, they can quote like for like for us.  And they have good routes in to those manufacturers – they get the answers we need quickly.

Eight ways in which we add value to procurement

We can support you in adding value and delivering your world-class procurement solutions to your customers in many ways because, for example we:

  • can provide you with ‘the’ questions to ask your customers; so, you can be sure you are specifying and supplying the right part for their job
  • are independent and not tied to any one manufacturer, our team can provide a variety of quotes for equivalent parts from different manufacturers – so you can decide which price and delivery schedule best suits your customer
  • will take the time to explain the differences between similar parts from different manufacturers, so you can clearly describe the pros and cons to your customer
  • have strong, established relationships with major manufacturers – when you work with us you to gain access our great pricing and delivery agreements
  • work with smaller niche manufacturers and have a reputation for being able to supply impossible-to-source or “obsolete” parts – helping you to meet your customers’ requirements no matter how unusual or difficult
  • care about the detail – and we’re happy to explain it
  • communicate clearly; if there is any problem finding the information you need we’ll be in touch straight away to let you know there is a delay and when you can expect to hear back from us;
  • deliver when we say we will.

Our credentials and track record

Like yours, our brand and reputation are two of our most valuable assets. We won’t put our name to solutions and equipment that aren’t fit for purpose, or to promises that we can’t keep. And as a British Standards Institution ISO 9001 accredited company, we won’t compromise on quality. Ever.

Over 250 of our customers come from within the hydraulics industry – or are closely affiliated to it, being procurement / supply chain specialists. They use the services of our award-winning team despite being leaders or specialist in supply themselves.


This global supply and logistics company specialises in products distribution, contract supply and fulfilment solutions. In Hydraulics Online it has found a hydraulics partner that helps it deliver excellent service for its customers. READ MORE…


Nothing to lose and everything to gain

cheshire hydraulics onlineHydraulics Online is an award-winning, experienced, reliable partner with an unwavering commitment to excellent customer service and a proven track record.

We’re not your average supplier: we’ll enable you to achieve things that you might have thought – or been told by others – weren’t possible.

Our team goes the extra mile – quite literally at times – to help you to support your customers and deliver on your own pricing and service promises. We’re tenacious when delivering for our customers.

No request is too big, or too small.  Why not put us to the test today? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Call us now on: +44 (0)845 644 3640 or enquire online and "let us take the pressure!"

“Can you let the boys know that they are providing us with great service, parts and information in all our locations. Your service is prompt and reliable; you’re our “go to” guys when it comes to hydraulics.”

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