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And as one customer said, our independence, when combined with our extensive technical experience, means that we’re “not just a sales extension of a bigger company but an integrated hydraulics supplier”. That means that when looking for radial piston motors, or any other hydraulic products and equipment for that matter, you can be certain that you will get the very best advice and solution – your brand will be in safe hands!

We can supply you with radial piston motors from manufacturers including: Italgroup, Bosch Rexroth, KYB Hydrostar, Staffa, SAI, Calzoni, Denison, Dusterloh and Dinamic Oil.

Italgroup Staffa Parker-Hydraulics Calzoni SAI


Why Radial piston motors?

Well, they are very efficient and generally have a long life, although the high degree of precision required in the manufacture of radial piston motors can raise initial costs. They provide high torque at relatively low shaft speeds and excellent low speed operation with high efficiency, but do have limited high speed capabilities. Because of the low output speed, in many cases a gearbox is not necessary.

Radial piston motors are therefore primarily applied where high torques are required at a low speed, for example: winch drives, concrete mixers, trawlers and plastic injection moulding machines.

Italgroup Radial Piston Motors - Plastic Injection Moulding

Radial piston motor designs

  • Crankshaft type – with a single cam and pistons pushing inwards. This type of hydraulic motor has extremely high starting torque characteristics. They are available in displacements from 40cc/rev through to about 12 litres/rev but can sometimes be limited in power output. Crankshaft type radial piston motors are capable of running at “creep” speeds and some can run seamlessly up to 1500 rpm whilst offering virtually constant output torque characteristics. Despite essentially being an old design, this makes them the most versatile type of hydraulic motor.
  • Multilobe cam ring type – with a cam ring which has multiple lobes and piston rollers that push outwardly against the cam ring. This produces a very smooth output with high starting torque but they are often limited in the upper speed range. This type of motor is available in a very wide range from about 1 litre/rev to 250 litres/rev. These motors are particularly good on low speed applications and can develop very high power.

Beyond this, specific types of radial piston motor include: compact radial piston motors, dual displacement radial piston motors, fixed displacement radial piston motors, low speed high torque radial piston motors, two speed radial piston motors and variable displacement radial piston motors.

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